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About Us

Hijab Influencers Network is a community which gathers all hijab influencers from 3 different media which are Blog, YouTube and social media (instagram).

Our Motto :
“We share good things”

Vision :
“To be the first hijab influencers community which gather and provide positive influence to moslemah all over the world”

Mission :
1.      Gather all Hijab Influencers from Hijab Bloggers, Hijab Youtubers and social media especially instagram to join our network
2.      Provide positive and informative informations about way of life of ISLAM on our website and social media.
3.      Consistently create events (online and offline) for Hijab Influencers which share knowledge about Halal lifestyle, health, blogging & vlogging, and other beneficial things.

Our member criteria :

General :
1.      ISLAM and wearing Hijab
2.      Influencers who always share good things, never share provocative content which can insult others such as the difference of other tribe, other religion, verbal and physical bullying.
3.      Registered on our database

Specific :
1.      Blogger :
a.      Must has a personal blog (not a blog for business or others)
b.      Consistently write content on her blog for minimum 5 months
c.       Must place HIN Logo on the page of her blog
2.      Youtuber :
a.      Must has a personal youtube channel
b.      Consistently provide video on her channel
c.       Has minimum 500 subscribers

3.      Social Media
a.      Must has a personal instagram account (not a business account or others)
b.      Consistently provide positive content on her channel
c.       Has minimum 2000 real instagram followers with minimum 100 posts


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